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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Dark Carpathians

A rp guild based on the books by Christine Feehan

Tags: vampire, mage, carpathians, lycan, werewolf

The Lady Kae Public 4,838 20
Lalalala koizumey Public 145 12
Star Wars - Galaxy of Legends

Literate Action/Adventure Star Wars RP

Tags: Star Wars, Literate, Role-Playing, Action, Adventure

Lanfaer Private 10,168 32
The Insane Army

If your insane/not normal/ecentric/etc, Join us!

Tags: anime, bleach, insane, fan club, making friends

Kuolemata Public 9 2
Songs of Love and Songs of Sorrow

This guild is a place where you can share any mussic that truely touches your soul and brings out the emotions we tend to hide.

Tags: Music, Love, Sorrow, Undone, Crooked Still

Bruce Webb Uzakey Public 42 14
Crimson Blood Rose

a war between angels and demons, trying to destory or protect humans and the earth...

Tags: Rose, Apocalypse, Death, Demons, angels

ii neon pandas ii Public 161 9
Hogwarts: School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Tags: Harry Potter, New Generation, Roleplay

brightstar-x Private 210 4
Things Hidden Become Undone

a guild for many things to do with zOMG! - mainly playing hide and seek

Tags: hide, seek, hidden, undone, zomg

furnishedtower Public 1 1
Future Diary: Battle Royale

A Role Play with Mirai Nikki concepts

Tags: Mirai Nikki, Future Diary, Role Play, Action, Horror

Kaitii The Great Private 21 6
Dust and Shadow

This is a RWBY guild! You are a student of the academy and you must team up and fight for what is right!

Tags: RWBY, Roosterteeth, Monty Oum, American Anime, Colors

PairsOsocks Public 3,044 31
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