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[~]σffι¢ιαℓ[~] ριχιєѕ αи∂ fαιяιєѕ σf gαια

For all those pixie and fairy lovers from a number of shows also a giveaway and mini game and contest guild.

Tags: Pixies, Fairy, Fantasy, Game, Friendship

Arbitrary Mani Public 335 42
Warriors of the Forest Roleplay

A roleplay based on a series WOTF

Tags: Role play, Warrior, Cats, WOTF, Clan

Sunny_blue_shy Private 2,298 47
♥♥Pixie Hollow♥♥

A role play guild based off the Tinkerbell Disney movies.

Tags: tinkerbell, Pixie Hollow, Fairies, Fantasy, Elements

Lyra Madrid Public 1,042 86
Richard's Basement Melancholy Gypsy Private 515 16
• The Halftone Hideaway •

A Guild made for Comic Lovers

Tags: Comics, Justice League, Marvel, Top Cow, Halftone Hideaway

l Lacus l Public 23 8
~Majestic Pack: An Animal Roleplay~

You roleplay as an animal after creating one. You can make friends so on, so forth.

Tags: Wolves, Dragons, Cats, Foxes, Role Playing

Viola Blood Night Public 2,040 93

The dawn of our friendship is never distant. It remains eternal.

Tags: Kingdom Hearts, Organization XIII, Role Playing, Eternal Nobodies, Game

Haxoll Private 279 27
♛~Japanese Peeps~♛

A place for people who are Japanese. You can even be mixed Japanese!

Tags: Japanese, people, rocks, help, Japan

Cyclothymic Piano Public 3 4
Kazoku Cospro(A Family Avi Cosplay Group)

A place for our Gaia Family avi Cosplay's to hang out.

Tags: Family, Cosplay, Lshmah, II Neverland II, Akachan Cospro

roarette Public 10 6
Neo Otaku: A Liberal Artist Hangout

This is a Guild for artist. Whether your media is words or pictures, all is welcome here. Art appreciators are also welcome!

Tags: Fan Fiction, Literature, Anime, Pictures, Otaku

Two_Bells_to_Ring Private 15 11
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