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Author(itive) Figures

This guild is for those who love to write. Poetry, short stories, etc!

Tags: writing, poetry, short stories, roleplaying, Shakespearean

Kleopatra Selene Public 3 2
The Ninja Cookie Squad Rainbowfied Mouse Public 2,967 124
Munich Mannequin Art Snob Solution Private 953 18
Official LA Ink Guild HoboGirl XD Public 35 7
Foxes of Sylvia

Home of the Sylvans

Tags: foxes, forest, leaf, branch, deer

Goddess Sylvia Public 41 4
Daywatcher (Now accepting Applications!)

A literate RPG guild for all the fans of Isobelle Carmody and her special Worlds.

Tags: Obernewtyn, Elspeth, Rushton, Fans, Carmody

Nynn Private 147 15
High School/Pokemon RP

You live normal lives as a human, and then one day you wake up as a pokemon!

Tags: High School, Pokemon

Shinestar_BlueSky Private 124 8
Sylvia Guild

A guild for Sylvia, a forest-fox B/C

Tags: forest, foxes, sylvia, breedables, changeables

The Goddess Sylvia Public 1,210 69
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