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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Gaian Swat Force (Recruiting!!)

Tags: swat, gaia, gaianswatforce, swatforce, military

Lt McCloud Private 3,737 1,187
Crimson Brigade Unite

Crimson Brigade. Chivalry. Pride. Fire. Blood.

Tags: Crimson, Brigade, Chivalry, Blood, Fire

SugarCookiexox Private 463 44
~{[Anti-Bush People Who Are Trying To Save The Aliens]}~

Tags: Anti Bush guild, Save the aliens

Shiblets Private 303 23
Pinoy Ninja Guild "ANBU Elite's" CLOSED



rizen1 Private 1,641 267
Gaia Online Police Department (GOPD)

This police department is only the best of the best keeping Gaiaonline safe from all criminals. You do need the required uniform to join.

Tags: GOPD, Police, Department, Cops, the law

Specter Alpha Public 1,470 96
Torn city

When the dead over run the earth and only a few people remain

Tags: zombies, wars, battle, swat, stars

Twisted Tamashi Public 170 9
Future Swat Team Maid Waitresses (Open)


Dawn Landers Private 240 2
Deus Ex: Triad Consortium ~ W.I.P

An alternative setting based after the events of Human Revolution and before Deus Ex.

Tags: Deus Ex, Adam Jensen, Aug's, Purist, Deus Ex: Human Revolution

The Demon Dreamer Public 40 5

We are everything in this guild

Tags: Swat, FireFighters, Spies, Marines, Navy seals

BloodySayain Public 100 15
Swat Team and zombie killers

peace keeper zombie killers and saving the day

Tags: Army, Swat, Zombies, peace keeper, fighting

King Aquaman Public 2 4
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