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Classy Fools

ALL about class c;

Tags: Suit&Tie, Suit, Tattoos, No swags here, Yuhhhh

Oh Nic Private 80 20
~The Official Hipster Clan~

The Guild for all who absolutely love finding new avatars on Gaia and using them~!

Tags: Hipster, Fancy, DressNice, GaiaDressing, Swag

Storming Kings Public 6 19
True Swaqq Gang

You gotta have swaqq

Tags: Swaqq, Money, Bitches, Hustling, Thug Life

x-Legit Kidd-xiii Public 59 22

Swag. Were almost, maybe all, rich kinda... yeah.

Tags: MOPEd, Noped, Swagd, CLickd, 69ddd

Storming Kings Public 15 6

This guild is strictly for people who are modern and are dope as FUC doe

Tags: swag doe, swag, DFUC, dope, FUC SWAG DOE

I3OOI3Y-SMiL3Z Public 2 4
Super Serious Classic Swag Clan (SSCSC)

we are a group of swaggy people, who dress in black and wear Classic Aviators swag glasses, and we the bomb

Tags: swag, Classic Aviators, black, random

twinklebun Public 4 7
Knights of True Cross

People at my School

Tags: Blue Exorcist, Green Beans, YoloSwag, Otaku Life, Purple

Mattchew_X Public 3 4
-- Lead --

" No Pain , No Gain "

Tags: Military, Family, Swag, Trending, Leadership

o I M Awesome Bru o Public 3 4

Just a new guild trying to fit in with the community.

Tags: Winbreakers, Dope, Bomb Squad, Chill, Express

Griimez Public 137 66
Cute Clique

cute cbers only, if u aint cute u can't join (some exceptions)

Tags: swag, cute, cb peeps

jam stain Public 2 8
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