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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Children of the Night

A role playing guild with discussions about games and other things!

Tags: Legend of Zelda, Escaflowne, Castlevania, Inuyasha, Vampire Hunter D

Draculas-Mistress Public 18,291 90
The Craft Of The Wise

A guild for Wiccans, Pagans and the like to swap stories, spells and educate those whom are curious about the craft.

Tags: witch, wicca, pagan, druid, goddess

KasaChan Private 7,083 67
Love is Blind (THe academy for all creatures/roleplaying)

A school for creatures of all kind to come together and also a place to let your ideas flow in various roleplays. Here you write the story.

Tags: academy, love, supernatural, roleplaying, school

-I- silent_ame -I- Public 1,654 22
Alruna's Rose: Children of Succubus

We'll fullfill you hearts desire. All that we ask in return is you soul.

Tags: Alruna's Rose, Alrunette, Succubus

NOt toDAy MoOn Private 9 13
Fabulosum Bestiis - School for Mythics

A school for all humanoid mythical creatures.

Tags: school, mythical beings, literate, werewolf, vampire

JasperSethK Public 6,917 89
Be My Mons✝er

RP guild focusing on non-human characters.

Tags: monster, slime, flower, centaur, zombie, vampire, werewolf, love, romance, yaoi, yuri, master, slave, university, demon, succubus, incubus, naga, mermaid, harpy, fantasy, active rps, nonhuman, furry

Kait Kimishi Private 1,310 79
Lizardlea13's Art Contest Characters

Further information for my characters

Tags: Lizard, Art Contest, Contest, Characters, Information

Lizardlea13 Private 310 4
U.L.T.I.M.A.T.E Heroes

A superhero rp guild for OC Characters.

Tags: Superhero, Role Play, Heroes, Villians, OC Characters

Dann The Silent Lion Public 2 1
Succubus and incubus

this is for only our kind

Tags: Succubus

stephon kingpin8 knox Public 2 9
Succubus Syndicate

Tags: LBGT, Succubi, Self Expression, Dark Rituals

Succubus Shade Private 6 1
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