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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Hell Mouth High School RP

Here sits the Mouth of Hell. Come and Learn.

Tags: Supernatural, HellMouth, Fantasy, High School, Roleplay

Xander Freeman Public 27 9

Join us!

Tags: Cuddle Demon, hugs, cute, cuddly, loveable

ZaraSeraphina Public 107 54
Archfiend Hunters

Fantasy roleplay in a modern setting. Cue the Twilight jokes.

Tags: vampire, werewolf, demon, hunter, fantasy

Karabella the Black Angel Private 1,947 29
Fridalain Island

An Island of all sorts, all are welcome!

Tags: Island, City, Supernatural, Normal

meet me at midnight Public 447 11
the seven sins clans

read the description

Tags: gluttny (not fma), envy, lust, katana, samurai

School Tests Public 942 37
The Twin Keys

War plagues the land. Races going against races with little hope for the future. The key to survival lies within the legend of the Twin Keys

Tags: Role playing, Angels, Ghosts, Vampires, Demons

DemonLordAthea Public 5,180 29
Monster Senshi : Rise of the Succubi

Tags: Moon, monsters, senshi, succubi

MS Sailor Moth Public 259 11
Fairy Tale(RP Guild)

~Welcome all to the land of fairytales, we hope you enjoy your magical and enlightening stay~

Tags: fairytales, creatures, adventure, romance, kingdom

melancon07 Public 233 8
Monster High: Roleplay

This is a Guild for Monster High Fans {Or People Who just wanna be Monsters~ }.

Tags: Monster, High, Highschool, Vampire, Werewolf

iRainbowCandiRAWR Public 87 10
Pirates of The Black Sand

Join one of the 7 bands of vicious pirates and fight for riches and glory.

Tags: Pirates, Supernatural, Demon, Elves, Bleach

Alasse Crux Public 7 3
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