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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Unwanted Rejects

Tags: Rats, Cats, Tanuki, Breedable

Unwanted Rejects Public 4,541 121
Dirge Of Genesis

Roleplay, Exorcist, Supernatural, Drama, Action, Literate, Explicit

Tags: Exorcist, Roleplay, Supernatural, Literate, Active

Anima Aequitas Public 3,058 19
Gallagher and Blackthorn Academies

This is an interactive spy school RP guild where we have classes in towns, RP in towns and forums.

Tags: Towns, Gallagher Academy, School, Clandestine, Roleplay

Raimo Jussi Public 2,893 42
Totally Spies

Totally Spies, Sam, Clover, Alex, Ect. this is a guild for fans of the show to come hang out and RP let your imagination run wild

Tags: Totally Spies, Sam, Clover, Alex, WOOHP, Super Spies, Spy Girls

TheDarkmasterchumble Public 4,174 27
Mythica Cross Academy

Mythica Cross Academy is a safe haven for any creature that is on the run or just wants to learn, make friends, hang out or find love.

Tags: Academy, Mythical Creatures, Demons and angels, Role play, Creatures

Insanitys Sanity Public 163 14
~Akatsuki organization~

Akatsuki members can enjoy there days in the cave or go out on missions.

Tags: ninja, s-ranked, akatsuki, power

Akatsuki_itachi999 Public 26,487 48
Spiritual Philosophy and Tea Society

Tags: Philosophy, Aromatherapy, Nature, Teaism, Herbalism

m i s s Rieux Public 78 12

Imagi-NATION is an Anime/Manga guild built with the imagination of Gaians.

Tags: Anime, Manga, Imagination, Role Playing

PKMN Trainer Touhou Public 14 5
March 5th, 2010 Nigel Smith Public 276 91
Warrior Cats Roleplay~

A roleplaying community where you create a cat, join a Clan, and fight for your life. Based on the books by Erin Hunter.

Tags: Warriors, Roleplaying, Cats, Clans, Erin Hunter

Avi_Brone Private 3 2
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