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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Castlevania Guild

A guild dedicated to all things Castlevania including Game Help, Fanworks, Roleplay, Discussions, and other Castlevania inspired content

Tags: castlevania, vampire, roleplay, videogame, belmont

Jinzouki Private 31,905 409
GdA Brasil - Galera do Alambique

Guida brasileira para qualquer um que saiba falar português

Tags: brasil, brazil, português, portugues, portuguese

Arcanjoyue Private 281,290 1,406
RAWR: Revolutionary Animals With Rabies

We Bother People

Tags: RAWR, Animal, Noob, Attack, Grunny

raisedpassion Public 14,590 1,136
Umm...Ma'am, this is SPAM!!!!

Spamming is what we do. We're also random. So join this guild if you fell like having fun! Contests, games, roleplaying, debates, and more!

Tags: Contests, Games, Roleplaying, Random, Friends

13 Mockingjay Public 965 45
The French Spam Guild Chocoboy5 Private 498,878 821
Shade's Alliance

A guild For creative Development and animation discusions

Tags: Anime, Role Plays, Gaming Conversations, Writing, General

DaViperDragon Public 1,888 4
The Spamathon

Need extra gold? Just wanna talk? Then you absolutely cannot go past this group! Join now! NEEDS MEMBERS

Tags: spam, spamathon, spamming, spammer, spam for free

R4Z0R5CYTH3 Public 793 52

This is the Guild of Friends; Where special Events and Magic come to life!

Tags: Exquisite, Equis, Friends, Events, Ryu-X

Kyu Shizukana Private 34 18
Killer Zombie's Everything Guild

In this guild we speak about everything from new born life to the rotten decay of zombies nothing is off limits.

Tags: Everything, Friendly, Games, Zombie, Playstation

K1LL3R Z0MB13 Public 5 4
The Gaian Gun Club

Guns, War, RP, Hangout, Giveaways

Tags: Guns, Hangout, Quests, Giveaways, Role play

Mintaholic_Traps Public 3 1
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