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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
-{-{-{-{Highschool of the Dead Roleplay Guild}-}-}-}-

Fight to survive or die trying against each other and the hordes of undead

Tags: Highschool of the Dead, Undead, Roleplay, Zombies, Survival

VJammer Private 903 11
Jurassic Era Online (SAO)

Surival in a world of Dinosaurs.

Tags: Game, VRMMORPG, Sword Art Online, Roleplay

ScytheAidenRyu Private 42 14
End of the World Zombies

A Role-Playing Guild for Zombie enthusiast

Tags: Zombie, Role, Play

lansmart Public 5,322 94
βlεαсн: снαστιс сεητυяγ | Reconverting to a fourm-based rp.

A Dark Advanced Literate Bleach Next Gen Roleplay Guild. Featuring the Story Arc/Episode System.

Tags: Bleach, Ichigo, Shinigami, Roleplay, Generation

Drifting Fable-kun Private 1,485 9
Rusted from the Rain ~ Zombie RP

Here, you'll find blood, gore, and -best of all- a semi-literate zombie apocalypse roleplay.

Tags: zombie, apocalypse, mature, undead, brains

La Coquet Private 312 21
The Werepire Bunkhouse (anyone is welcome)

A guild for odd creatures and people who want to try something different.

Tags: Werepire, Werewolf, Vampire, The Regulators, Role Play

Shotgun Gomes Public 25,745 83
City of the Dead.

Will you survive?

Tags: Roleplay, survivial, zombies, Present time, hotd

Assassin Vet Private 234 11
Assassin Kill Company Contracts

Taking all members.

Tags: Assassin, Contracts

kelp-kun Public 208 40
Newterra: Fight For the City of Peace (U/C)

Under Construction.

Tags: Action, Adventure, Roleplay

IsaacX7 Public 18 3
Horror Movie RP (U/C)

RP in different Horror movies as you try to survive!

Tags: Horror, Ropleplay, Movie, Murder, Murderer

Blades252 Public 4 1
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