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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Taline Manor Vampire Coven

Once a roleplay, now a guild that offers so much more... Enter if you dare!

Tags: vampire, coven, roleplay, manor, vamp

ForestWolfss Public 164,950 1,838
[OPEN] My master... my servant

a roleplay of Masters and their Servants.

Tags: anime, master, role play, sevant, romance

xXAutumnShiroXx Public 4,075 75
The Plague Doctor

A guild for a dark fantasy B/C thread.

Der Pestdoktor Public 7,715 157
✧Fate/Strife✧ [U/C]

Who will Win the Holy Grail War?

Tags: Saber, Archer, Lancer, Holy Grail War, Fighting

Hiroto of the light Public 1,928 14
My Slave, My Rules

Take my hand and kiss it fondly, for it holds the keys to your life.

Tags: Master, Slave, S and M, Dominant, Submissive

Dwindling Emotions Private 869 17
Last Eden

A role play and family type guild on gaia (zomg clan will be added)

Tags: vampires, fantasy, role play, romance, Action

Regis Noctis Leybond Private 150 6
Cerberos' Servants

Servants of mine

Cerberos Bellator Private 2 2
Clowns Minion Army

Tags: Clowns, Military, Army, Minions, Servants

Abstracted King of Clowns Public 23 14
Jodi's personal mansions

This guild is a roleplaying guild for Jodi's slave girls

Tags: Jodi, Servant, Mansion, Maid

Bumble bee girl94 Private 5 3
Doragon Akuma

Living hell and chaos, a family of a new race

Tags: Familiy, Kingdom

Dente Docano Public 1 3
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