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Results for "sactuary"

Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The "Everything Goes" Guild of Role-playing Alexander Vandala Public 1,094 15
Broken Shadows [RP Sactuary] bahamut slayer Private 5,554 45
NexGen: Christian Revolution Sactuary

Christian guild

Tags: Christian, hang out, Jesus, Trinity

Cypherxii Private 19 4
Under Construction: Demigods Sactuary

A New Demigod guild with lots of fun.

Tags: Camp, roleplaying, Academy, Demigod

Golden Glitch Public 2,873 42

An RP Guild for experienced players and creative writing fans.

Tags: powerplay, community, role, play, literate

Vanguard Soren Private 8,610 35

The Rich and Famous Guild is a guild for those who have cool "pimped out" avatars, houses, cars and fish tanks.

Tags: Avatar, Rich, Famous, Pimped out, sactuary

Angelic Leilani Public 5 4
Devil May Cry: The Forgotten Children

Time for the Untold Legacy of Sparda to be heard

Tags: Devil May Cry, Sparda, Demons, Angels, half-demons

Serena Kiryu Private 412 4
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