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Weird Inc.

We hab da cakes!

Tags: Contests, booty grab, Gold, Friends, spam

A-B0T Private 140,844 771
Royal Prep Academy

The royal's, who's jobs is to keep peace, are in danger, and even the safest place, is no longer safe.

Tags: Royalty, romance, academy, assassins, vampires

Nyan_Cupcakes Public 3,296 89
Utopia Academy - School for Gifted Royalty

A school to unite the heirs of the land.

Naturana Public 194 22
The Frost Kingdom

Only the most prodigious can join this royal family. But please, feel free to try.

Tags: Family, Roleplay, Literate, Royalty

KurageeHimee Public 4 5
Invictus City

An Unconquerable City That Needs To Be Conquered.

Tags: Roleplay, Vampires, Thieves, Wolves, Demons

MichiokoXIII Public 43,409 177
♥♠♦♣The Royal Card Court ♣♦♠♥

A court for all those interested, you will choose your favorite suite and join a large court of your choosing based off of said suit.

Tags: cards, royalty, rich, poor, school

XxTormyxX Private 1,488 29

Only on king can sit on

Tags: Survivle, Royalty, Action, anime, Fantasy

kyolll Public 25 2
Pirate and the Princess

Tags: onexone, pirate, princess

Banrion na Beir Private 4 2
+--Color Kings--+

An RP focused on the different kingdoms in the fantasy world Kataigida

Tags: Kingdoms, Fantasy, Battle, Open world, Royalty

GodISPossible Public 29 1
Squad Shit Only -SSO-

Getting Guap Till We Dead

Tags: Money, Family, Loyalty, Royalty, Guap

Lil Choppa -SSO- Public 2 2
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