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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Pets and Animals Guild!

Tags: pets, animals, dogs, cats

Savage Destiny Public 125,971 14,688
Rat Lovers Association Of Gaiaonline

This guild is a guild for people who love and want or do own rats i plan on fighting for this guild to be active every day

Tags: Rats, fancy, rodent, FancyRat, dumbo

Ants In Your Pants Public 1,696 244


Tags: Dog,Puppies,Cat, Kittens,Birds,Reptiles, Livestock,Friends,Chat, Rodents,Fish,Disscussion

PSM Guild Mule Private 1,944 526
The War of Darkness

In this new world of technology and progress, an age old war is waged in the shadows out of sight of the ignorant humans.

Tags: Wars, Literate, Vampire, Wolf, RolePlaying

CapitainPajamas Public 10,040 6
The Drunken Rat-A Rodent And Small Animal Guild

Oldest, Biggest and Most active Rat, Mouse and Small Animal Guild

Tags: Rats, Mouse, Hampster, Ferret, Chinchilla

TacoGod Public 2,271 92
The Squeak Guild pook666 Public 1,962 71
RAWR: Roleplayers Are Wonderful Rodents

Roleplayers are like rodents. THERE'S SO MANY! O_O

Tags: Roleplayers, Wonderful, Rodents, Vegeta, Literacy

Vegeta_Lover239 Private 26,589 100
The Fire Ferrets

This is the official guild for people who agree that fire ferrets are beast and want to share this appreciation with others.

Tags: Avatar: Legend of Korra, Fire Ferrets, Pabu, Anime, Animals

pinkpaintball Public 7 18
MLP: Betwixt & Between

Equestria in a dark and contested time. Nothing's quite as you remember it. [AU-OC run world]

Tags: My Little Pony, Roleplay, Warring

Jade the Starwolf Private 31 10
Four Nations

Lycans, Vampires, Beasts, Fey, Human, and Elves. Hate, Love, War, Loyalty and Honor with a touch of Magic!

Tags: Magic, Countries, Lycan, Vampires, Elves

Rosestace Public 79 22
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