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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Fall Out Boy Guild Starburstnova Private 17,426 1,466
Naruto :: Will of Fire

A new, under construction guild with Naruto's universe in place. Currently looking for crew.

Tags: Literate, Konoha, Will of Fire, Shinobi, Naruto :: Will of Fire

Sierra-sama Private 895 2
Ouran High School Host Club - OHSHC

A RP/Discussion on Ouran High School Host Club

Tags: Ouran, High, School, Host, Club

IXI Tama IXI Public 9,889 120
!!katekyo Hitman Reborn!!

The vongola family and the other family of katekyo hitman reborn this guild is like roleplaying guild

Tags: vongola, katekyo, hitman, reborn

Hazuki Hatchi Public 3,921 530
otaku inc

A guild for proud otaku who want to be awesome with others

Tags: otaku, friendly, mature, fanbased, videogames

slipknot4740 Public 102 14
The Pork Ramen Lounge

Just a place for me and my friends to hang out and chat.

Tags: Chat, Hang Out, Friendship

ll MoonVixen ll Private 8 3
Panic! At The Disco Fan Guild

A place for Panic! At The Disco fans to gather and discuss.

Tags: Panic! At The Disco, Spencer Smith, Brendon Urie

PrimeRibby Private 34,856 1,465
Land of Hidden Villages (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)


Tags: Ninja, Naruto, Jutsu, Ramen, Weapons, Hidden, Kage, Shadow, Random, Friends, Fire, Earth, Wind, Water, Dark, Leader, Shippuuden, Manga, Japan, Japanese, Village, Otaku, Book, Culture, Akatsuki

LuvlyMrDevil Private 4,875 75
Oishii Ramen

The ultimate club for ramen-lovers alike! Let our diverse tastes unite us!

Tags: ramen, booty grab, food, Oishii Ramen, pocky

kokanakaze Public 276 36
The Ramen Gang

We do what we want!

Tags: ramen, gang, food, free, group

DJ Emergenc Private 3 4
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