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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Trash Bandits

Tags: trash, bandits, raccoons, pets, breedable

Graceangel Public 2,499 91
Resident Evil: The End of Humanity

This RP guild is a combination of the video games and the movies.

Tags: Zombies, Resident Evil

KellarRedfield Public 306 23
The Cute and Cuddly Charity Guild

Helping Gaians with their quests and dreams since 2011 ~

Tags: Charity, Donations, Games, Quests, Prizes

Miss Esa Private 50,799 2,238
*~*Bloody Hell!!*~*

This is a guild for those who are here for fear, tension, and (MAYBE) a dash of romance and drama, so let the fear fly and the blood pour!

Tags: Horror, Blood, Fatal Frame, Silent Hill, Resident Evil

Maxxitane_Volume Private 841 25
Darkest Hours

Zombies, Fucking, EVERYWHERE...

Tags: Zombies, New World Order, Post apocalyptic, Raiders, Resident Evil

Ivan Kalashnikov Private 4 3
Hidden Leaf Village Bloodlines

rp guild

Tags: naruto, role, village, hidden, leaf

Thorn Shadowsong Public 479 40
Unwanted Rejects

Tags: Rats, Cats, Tanuki, Breedable

Unwanted Rejects Public 4,549 123
Resident Evil: Overkill

We are a fan based Resident Evil Guild. There are art, discussion and RP threads inside. Come play!

Tags: Survival, Horror

Fufuwa_Chan Public 214 22
Crimsonwood Vale (Canine Sanctum)

A place for all canines to gather and find sanctuary

Tags: Wolf, Pack, Dogs, jackal, Coyote

Colrayne Public 39 17
The Roaring 1920's Guild

The 1920's era crime detective fantasy guild

Tags: Bootlegger, Mobster, Mafia, Detective, Crime

Gumshoe Kid Public 24 6
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