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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
FEAR The Collector

Tags: Semi Lit to Lit, Original Story, Military Based, Apocalypse, Zombies

[D-E-M-O-N] Private 1,320 6
Gaia's Hardcore Invader Zim Fanbase - Home of the Irken Arma Smoof5 Public 834 195
aLiEns ExiSt

A gUiLd

Tags: Aliens, probing, theory

gaycat91 Public 132 48
Pinoy Ninja Guild "ANBU Elite's" CLOSED



rizen1 Private 1,641 267
The Colonization of Tanis

A new home for humanity... that may not be the safest.

Tags: Tanis, Role Playing, Colonization

Cerberus0.4 Public 3,583 17
Invasion of the Shadows

Roleplay the story of my books.

Tags: Invasion of the Shadow, Zero's Tale, Rise of the Super's, Final Frontier, Final Hope

Commander Aran Private 957 1
υɳɗɘɑɖ ρгѳЬіɳɢ - Southwest is now open!

The Apocalyptic Comedy Roleplay!

Tags: Aliens, Zombies, Apocalypse, Comedy, Undead Probing

snotbox Private 371 7
Squid Army: Hell from the Deep

Join the quest for world domination, or fight to stop the Squid Army!

Tags: Squid, Army, Warfare, World domination, Role playing

Periwinkle_the_Eevee Public 41 4
Return from Darkness (Destiny Role-Play)

Hangout/Role Play for Destiny and Bungie fans.

Tags: Destiny, Bungie, Hangout, Awesome, Friends

Vance Mason Private 8 1
[U/C] Jötunheimr

Sci-Fi Fantasy Gallius Frontier RP

Tags: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Political RP, Norse/Celtic Mythology, Technical RP

Commander Tanix Public 5 6
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