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Wolf Wars

A place for people who like wolves, role-playing wolves, and would like to join a pack.

Tags: Wolf, battle/ magic, wolves, Role Playing, swords

Loiiypop-chan Private 717 3
Sunny Grove

Under Construction

Tags: Friends, Family, Neighborhood, School, Roleplay

Sir Spazalots Public 1,487 8
~From Dusk To Dawn~

the fall of the once beautiful town DawnToDusk was a tragic one, many mysteries & lost dreams linger in this town..

Tags: vampire, fantasy, role-playing, romance, anime

CrescentKiss Public 8,969 89
Royal Prep Academy

The royal's, who's jobs is to keep peace, are in danger, and even the safest place, is no longer safe.

Tags: Royalty, romance, academy, assassins, vampires

Nyan_Cupcakes Public 2,621 80
The Land of Gods and Monsters

Here in the garden of evil every sin is real fresh and original

Tags: Myths, Monsters, Magic, Romance, Gods

BurningCapitol Public 231 16
The Organisation ...R.i.c.h.e.s... Private 3,987 16
greatest rivals

have fun you can be a wolf or a wolf that can turn into a human

Tags: wolf, anime, roleplay

naprstek1997 Private 191 5
Into The Dreamscape

An all exclusive rich boarding school is harboring a dark secret. Just what happens when you die?

Tags: School, Death, Ghosts, Secretes, Rich

DemonLordAthea Public 440 15
The Emental family

elemental family

Ahtahkakoop Public 2 3
Survival High School

In this RPG you gotta survive the bullies,jocks,preps ect. year round. There are very few rules.

Tags: High School, Surviving, Active, Recruits, Anime

Ashbee0197 Public 294 4
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