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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
kindom Of The Weres ~now open~

Werewolves, werebears, werelions, weretigers, and any other were character you can think of.

Tags: werewolf, kingdoms, roleplay, fantasy, shapeshifting

JehovahTheWolf Private 494 10
The Agency: Serve to protect

A friendly combat and exploration RP

Tags: Sci fi, Adventure, Super power, Roleplay, Fantasy

happywho06 Private 1,098 39
yu yu hakusho an rp guild and hang out

for people who won't let yyh die

Tags: yu yu hakusho, role playing, hang out

Spirit_Girl01 Public 133 22
Living on Paws

Furry and Neko Guild ~Members needed~

Tags: Furry, High School, Role Playing, Neko, Magic

Neko in a Boxx Public 34 6
The Polling Alley PollieAnna Private 408,865 1,586
Warrior cats~!

Tags: Cats, Warriors, Erin Hunter, Role-playing, Clans

Ill_Fly_You_Jump Public 18,844 79

Creating A Hate-Free Guild

Tags: roleplay, yaoi, video games, books, chat

anime_creator Public 29,023 44
The Serengeti Plains: A B/C shop

This is the guild for the breedables shop known as The Serengeti Plains.

Tags: serengeti, plains, cats

Shanra the Dragon Bard Public 2,007 49
League of Morons

Reboot of the American sitcom "Frasier". TLOEM returns as League Of Morons!

Tags: Morons, is cum vegan, marry a man, f**k homestuck, two trucks having sex

Haffs Public 8,585 62
kingdom adventure

build, plunder, restore, back stab, wage war, and thrive with your own kingdom or server under a banner of one, live action roleplay

Tags: kingdoms, Conquering, Kings, Knights, Royal

Taki Suzuka Public 831 22
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