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You are the Director: TV!

Be the brains behind a tv smash hit

Tags: Television, Sim Game, Game, Forum game

Mizz Nomer Private 29 2
Mobile Suit Gundam: Forgotten Century [ Is recruting ]

“The triumph can’t be hand without the struggle” -Wilma Rudolph

Tags: Gundam, Crossover, War Roleplays, Gundam Lovers, After War

Archer_Jack Public 17,992 28
Gaia Shatterdome

The main hub for all things Pacific Rim

Tags: Pacific Rim, Kaiju, Jaeger, Guillermo del Toro

KaijuPI Public 17 4
the world of soul eater

for people who love soul eater & role playing

Tags: soul, eater, role, playing

kaoru 94 sensei Public 36 10
❖ When Worlds Collide ❖ [ Pacific Rim RP ]

A roleplay that is the 'sequel' to the Pacific Rim movie.

Tags: Pacific, Monster, Robot, Kaiju, Jaeger

Tenari Senbo Public 2,300 15
Legacy Academy (O/A)

The Justice League has a serious task set before them... The number of metas & homo-magi are overwhelming and they need your help.

Tags: Justice League, School, Superheroes, accepting, DC comics

Nyan_Cupcakes Public 1,211 64
The Underhaven HQ (now recruiting)

The Underhaven is a mercanary company that houses the worlds best assassins and mercanaries. join the cause, join the family.

Tags: assassin, mercanary, military, outbreak, zombies

warlord the 3 Private 24 9
Kakumeiki Valvrave

Valvrave cosplayers!!

Tags: valvrave, liberator, kakumeiki valvrave, Kakumeiki, Cosplay

quro Public 7 6
Leviathans 1st Brigade

Welcome aboard new comers

Tags: Roleplay, Steampunk, Airship, Leviathan, PIEFACE

nocto fox Public 148 9
Zoids: Olympia [O/A]

Zoids meets eSports/Forumla 1 in this brand new combat based adventure!

Tags: Zoids, Mecha, Combat, Sport, Politics

Uchiha Roxas Private 1,231 36
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