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[NPC] Ian and Rufus' fanguild

A guild to discuss [NPC] Ian and Rufus!

Jayce Reinhardt Public 1,360 33
Carl's Crew

Welcome to Carl's Crew. Where all followers/friends of Carl gather. Please join us in our campaign to have Carl rule the Gaia universe.

Tags: Carl, Junk, Trunk, piehard, antlers

ZOMG its Lobotomy Public 3,040 222
xXx ~ The Feeders of Stein ~ xXx

An Offical Home Base for the Feeders of Stein, the force behind Stein's climb in Pie Hard and his bronze medal!

Tags: Stein, The Feeders of Stein, Role-playing, CrosStitch

Lady Red of Hawkswin Private 6,853 115
♥ Reflection ♥ ( Closed For Job Employees )

A fun fashion guild for all genders. Fashion Shows And Other Fun Events.

Tags: Fashion, Entertainment, Style, Chic, Jobs

Stylish_Stains Public 6 5
The Ian and Louie Alliance

For all things Louie and Ian! A predetermined alliance of brotherhood.

Tags: Pie Hard, Louie Ian, vampires, brothers, Rufus

DMMegsie Private 771 444
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