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Zeus's Mistake: Search for Hera's child

The Gods are angry and sent plagues down upon the Earth. They gifted you ghosts to help so don't make them angry!

Tags: supernatural, paranormal, fantacy, role-play, Gods/Goddess, romance

Mother-of-one Public 97 6
Truth Seekers - Truthers.

truth, toxins, chemtrails, illuminati, new world order, conspiracy theory, fluoride, world government, GMO, vaccines, microchipping, zionism

Tags: truth seeker, conspiracy theory, truther, aliens, 2012, DMT, microchip, illuminati, new world order, alex jones, infowars, vaccines, depopulation, antichrist, god, chemtrails, GMOs, fluoride, toxins, 9/11

TrutherMei Public 11,936 1,266
Darkness Calling

Tags: Dark Hunter, Gods, Romance, Role Play, Paranormal

410546 AKA Sheila Public 1,131 5
Wicca: Blessed Be

For anyone interested in Wicca, Paganism, or Witchcraft

Tags: Wicca, Pagan, Witchcraft, New Age, Community

koudelkaW Private 71,080 1,038
Psychics and Friends

Tags: psychic, paranormal, intuitive

LittleMissMurderous Public 230 22
The Creepypasta Clan

The guild of Creepypasta loverz

Tags: Creepy, Pasta, Creepypasta, stories, paranormal

Talon_Tantalize Public 563 274
Ember Academy (Under New Construction)

Looks like a normal gothic academy, but inside lies unburied secrets of the Paranormal...

Tags: Gothic, Academy, Paranormal, Gifted, Vampires, Werewolves, witches

ThyKingZero Public 1,093 3
DPRC: New Beginnings

The Department of Paranormal Research and Control is ready for anything.

Palindromantic Public 155 3
Mind Over Matter

A guild for the Psychonauts b/c shop.

Tags: roleplay, psychic, psychonauts, double fine, breedables

Mind Over Matter Staff Public 1,022 53
Lubchenko Academy (For The Supernatural)

A academy for the supernatural!

Tags: academy, paranormal, supernatural, action, school

Delirious Illusion Public 510 22
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