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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Official My Chemical Romance Guild! Trocks345 Private 60,200 3,516
The Lone Wolf Pack

Tags: wolf, loner, reject, entertainment, home

Fenris The Wolf Master Public 34,385 679
Punk Rockers of Gaia

A guild for people who love punk rock and any subgenre of it including pop-punk, ska punk, etc. and any band that is on our homepage

Tags: Punk, Rock, Music Genre, blink-182, Pop Punk

Xx_Yellowcard_Emmy96_xX Public 1,612 237
Blue Belle Domination!!!

The only place in Gaia where you can gather a mob of Blue Belles and parade through your favorite virtual spaces.

Tags: blue belle, kitty, cats

LittleDeathAngel1 Public 503 2
Naruto: The Prime Evils (UC)

A literate RPing guild designed to form a setting around Naruto, with an original storyline that is legit. Your patience is rewarded.

Tags: naruto, power, ninja, shinobi, role play

The Madmans Ruination Private 16,379 10
Demolition Lovers

A guild for the MCR fans who've been dedicated since '02 (or after) of their beloved band aptly named after 'cocaine.'

Tags: Chemical, Romance, Bullets, Revenge, The Black Parade

horroratcampjellyjam Public 25 25
The European Front (Title Pending)

Create your own task force for your country; and recruit other roleplayers to join, form alliances, and duke it out through hard missions

Tags: Wars, Political Standpoints, Battles, Alliances, Treaties

Kay9214 Private 39 1
FairyTail Guild for Everyone.......

Ready For Some Action, Fun And Magic And Jobs For Gold

Syphea Public 13 28
The Light Kingdom Guild

The Kingdom's fate rests with its soldiers

Tags: Nekocon, Role Play, Action, Light Vs. Dark, Human

Fyre the Fox Demon Public 14 12
The Player's Club

For those who like to have fun experiance

Tags: Parade, Club, Active, Chat, Event

nitinkmsri1 Public 8 13
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