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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
O.o((.:.Neville Longbottom.:.)) O.o P I N K Y - Platypus Private 32 4
We're Losing Weight ♥

Journals, recipes, suggestions and support!

Tags: Weightloss, Losing, Overweight

Agammaglobulinaemia Public 21 8
Gaian Losers (weight loss support guild!)

Achieve your weight loss goals!

Tags: weight loss, weight, health, overweight, exercise

__penguin__ Private 17,477 676
Drop Those Pounds [A DDR/Weight Loss Community]

A guild for those of us looking to lose weight, live healthier, or play DDR more!

Tags: Stepmania, Exercise, weightloss

Epistemologist Public 7 2
Pro-Health Okutai Public 44 11
RP Your hearts out

Roleplay and Charater creations.

Tags: Anime, Role Playing, Character creations, Battles(for certain RPs), Fun for all ages!

xXTellTaleHeartXx Public 27 5
Fantasy World Guild

Life can suck. So come here and create your own fantasy world!

Tags: Fantasy, World, Create, Play, Role Playing

Malicious PowderPuff Public 53 13

People Against Lantern Squishiness

Tags: Lanterns, DC comics, superheroes, random

Tatsutoshime Public 189 22
ρυт тнє ∂αмη ƒσяк ∂σωη:нєαℓтн&ƒιтηєѕѕ

A place to learn about Health and Fitness.

Tags: Health, Fitness, Exercise, Overweight, Body

J e n R e i Public 117 25
The Last of Us Survival Roleplay

Like many other people, I love the game "The Last of Us", so I made a roleplay guild for it. Come here to roleplay and have fun!

Tags: last of us, zombie, roleplay, apocalypse, post apoc

Shiggy Diggy Sushi Public 31 5
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