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-- Stellar Odyssey --

The known universe has been devastated by a plague that encompassed the galaxy and only you can help!

Stellar Odyssey Public 98 7
Gunmetal Mercenaries

Everybody's gotta make a livin' somehow~

Tags: Mercenary, Roleplay, Bullet, Metal, Action

Duriono Private 11,927 19
The Masquerade Guild

We are dedicated to throwing parties and having fun

Tags: Masquerade, Party

Silently Dramatic Public 20 19
The Clan of the Rising Sun

For idividuals looking to make friends while earning profit from their Zomg Adventures.

Tags: Asian, warrior, Mage, Zomg, clan

RageHelios Public 39 17
K9 Troops!

Dogs or Wolves are welcome here to have fun!!

Tags: dogs, werewolf, exciting, adventure, creative

CynbabyMercy Public 177 49
Gaia Online Police Department (GOPD)

This police department is only the best of the best keeping Gaiaonline safe from all criminals. You do need the required uniform to join.

Tags: GOPD, Police, Department, Cops, the law

Specter Alpha Public 1,469 96
Fashonista's De Gaia

Tags: Fashion, Turtles

Heishitaiy Public 40 4
Jokes and Riddles: Guilty as Charged

Got a sense of humor? Get yourself over here!

Tags: Funny, Hilarious, Dumb, Jokes, Lawyer

Meena Reine Public 60 4

Resident Evil 6

Tags: BSAA, Resident Evil, Resident Evil 6, Zombie, Chris Redfield

ChrisXXRedfield Public 10 6
An Era Reborn

Roleplay in the Middle & Dark Ages -- All are welcome to view or join.

Tags: Roleplay, Medieval, Dark Ages, Middle Ages, Social

Caesar of Rome Private 6 2
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