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Pakistan guild [Currently asleep]

A centre where you will get all the news about Pakistan. Show your love or support for Pakistan.

Tags: Pakistan, green, Quaid-e-Azam, Allama Iqbal

Lewpy Von Cakes Public 503 56
The islam lovers

islam muslims allah prophet muhamed

Tags: islam, muslim, allah, prophet

abdennour the muslim Private 172 69
The Muslim Hangout Guild

Asalam Alaykum! Welcome to The Muslim Hangout Guild. Here you will find answers for your questions, And find muslim friends. ^_^

Tags: Muslim, Islam, Islamic, Hangout, Religion

Muslim_4_Ever Public 510 275
Muslims & Christians Interrelation Guild

Are u christian/muslim who is interrested in a guild where u can feel home? Or a person interrested in learning religion? This is the place!

Tags: Muslim, Christian, Islam, Religion, Fellowship

The_Pathan Public 469 55
The Muslim Guild Of Gaia

The Muslim Guild Of Gaia for everyone who wanto learn about Islam! Or for those muslims who wanto meet muslims. Or if u wanna have fun!!!!

Tags: Muslim, Islam, Religion, Islamic, United

The_Pathan Private 38,149 1,519
Ladies of Islam

Muslim Ladies, and those who wish to learn about Islam

Tags: Islam, Muslim, Women, Hijab, Niqab

chubsy wubsy Private 72 1
Muslim Guild Of Allah

Muslim , Islam , Religion

Google_Allah Public 1,725 693
Basic Islam

Gives the basics of Islam and touches some more complex Topics

Tags: Muslim, Islam, Mohamed, Hijab, Jihad

MinMin-The-Muslim Public 22 19
Islam #2013

peace, purity, submission and obedience.

Tags: muslim, peace, allah, quran, religion

lsIam Public 112 180
Angel Family

Hello this is a family guild which means is we help out each other , have fun together and more. :)

Tags: Gaming, Manga, Disscusion

YaIIah Public 28 50
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