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MSPA/Homestuck Lovers of Gaia.

Tags: homestuck, fans, mspa, fanart, hivebent

Peeptier Public 4,699 836
✰ GaiaSTUCK!

An Active Gaia Homestuck Meetup Group! c:

Tags: gaiastuck, homestuck, mspa, sburb, cosplay

eridamn Public 29 29
==> [S] Ascend

The guild for everything MSPA

Tags: Homestuck, Problem Sleuth, MS Paint Adventures, MSPA, Andrew Hussie

Vriska Serket Public 2,260 322

Homestuck inspired troll related b/c

Tags: homestuck, troll, breedables, mspa, alternia

Hivestuck Public 8,249 209

Gaian: Open memo.

Tags: Homestuck, Fruity Rumpus Asshole Factory, Andrew Hussie, MSPA

Meulin the Disciple Public 23 27

The Omega session of Sburb is a go.

Tags: Homestuck, MSPA, Fanventures, MSPaint, Roleplay

Dani Anders Public 28 4
Earthbound (Under Construction)

A guild where all the trolls of Homestuck are forced to live on Earth due to an Alternian project.

Tags: Homestuck, Earth, Romance, Adventure, MSPA

Feferi 38D Public 33 5
[S] Reboot Hivebent

"Username: Become a main character."

Tags: Homestuck, Hivebent, Sgrub, Trolls, MSPA

Your Irish Twin Brother Private 118 3
Guild: Be Homestuck.

A guild for fans of the MSPA webcomic Homestuck to gather, discuss events and updates, RP stories, share creations, and hang out.

Tags: Homestuck, MSPA, Role Playing, Community, Webcomic

InsufferablePrickDaveS Private 15 12

The Shipping Guild

Tags: Homestuck, mspa, quadrantstuck, headcanon, shipping

skylightInsomniac Public 3 7
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