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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Faekat Adoption Agency

Faekat Guild

Tags: Faekat, breedables

Meeki Public 201,490 1,559
Byako, City of Everything

Byako, the city of everything. A city hundreds of miles in size where anything can and does happy on a daily basis Join the random sillyness

Tags: plushie, city, random, silly, Byako

Jasae Bushae Public 44,354 1,022
[ B U R N :: the everything guild ]

The Everything Guild... For Everyone, Everywhere. Designed with you in mind, to help you make the very most out of your Gaia experience!

Tags: charity, contests, reality, advice, gold

aka_vashy13 Private 767,034 32,371
【IMAGINE ★ WORLD】-- the guild:

Everything you need to know about Imagination Station~!

Tags: imagination station, cute, minishop

every bird Public 367 273
Felicity Farms

Tags: felicity, farms, minishop, roleplay, anime

Nurse Suicide Public 3,245 58
Blood Affectionado

Tags: Sachie Whitby, vampires, toybox, minishop, cats

Sachie Whitby Private 11,489 2
CielCiel's personal guild

This is a guild for the user CielCiel's personal storage area of information and archives.

Tags: CielCiel

CielCiel Private 185 2
Pixel Quest

Tags: minishop, toybox

Sachie Whitby Private 3,852 2
The Folded Hands

A guild of prayer, thanksgiving, and the normal joys of Gaia.

Tags: Christian, Prayer, Thankfulness, Testimoney, Jesus

Alustrial777 Public 43 3
Gaia: Community Revived!

A place for support, for friendships, for laughter, for tears - a place for community; for knowing you're not alone.

Tags: Gaia, Revive, Support, Friendship

Lyonel Noale Public 827 126
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