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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Fast Gold 4 Poor Gaians

Originally a guild dedicated to the best and fastest way's to earn gold on gaia's system, it has evolved into an awesome community!

Tags: Gold, Contests, Anime, Chat, Random

Angelic_Highlights Private 591,081 19,767
Official Guild For Californian's

California is the most populous state in the United States.

Tags: California, Weather Economy Government Population Ed, Los Angelos San Diego San Francisco, San Jose Vallejo Oakland Berkely Valley, California Gold Rush

Kiid Tokyo Public 114 148
Society Of Weed

If You Like Weed, No Questions Asked Join!

Tags: Pot Smoking, Weed, Smoking, Socialize, Realize

lord apex Public 33 58
The Singapore Guild Nna Public 19,284 552
The Undead Waters

Booty Grabbing, spam

Princess JasmineV2 Public 718 2
races united

a guild where all Races can connect.

Tags: races, unite, talk, family, always there

SL33PY X3 Private 215 91
Brown Pride

If you Mexican you can join my guild.

Tags: Brown Pride, Mexican Power, Mexican`s, Sureno`s, Norteno`s

x-iJUANxBP-SSCx Private 148 49
Gaian Pothead Society

If You Like Marijuana, No Questions Asked Join!

Tags: Pot Smoking, Weed, Smoking, Socialize, Realize

TlN0 Public 530 357
proud to be spanish

this is for all the latnois only i might accpet u if u do have a spanish blood line

Tags: race, latnio, cuba, mexico, spain

ninja snuggy Public 61 8
Brotherhood of the Hood

Fuck bitches, troll, get each others backs

Tags: troll, chill, bros, awesome, rap music

aajjj1 Public 2 9
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