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A Final Fantasy 8 based Roleplay set in a guild.

Tags: Roleplaying, Final Fantasy VIII, Original Story, SquareEnix

Kiln Aro Malac Private 1,204 15
Heroes' Halls

A home to heroes, of the past and present. Some will return, while others rise.

Tags: roleplay, hero, adventure, fantasy, action

x Wind-Kun x Private 19,612 26
Unum: The One World

Unum: Travel the known world, court royalty, destroy kings, emperors and change the world as you see fit. Anything is possible.

Tags: Magic, Fantasy, blades, dragons, monsters

Written Oni Public 81 6
Naruto Ninja Guild

A Naruto role play in an alternate universe setting.

Tags: Naruto, Ninja, Role Play, Anime, Manga

jhodder Private 63,395 26
The Organisation ...R.i.c.h.e.s... Private 3,990 16
The Final Great War

All out battles between great heros of many great nations, can you make it to the top?

Tags: Fighting, Magic, Domination

Havoc_The_Darkslayer Private 57 1
The Gaian Mercenary League

A community of dedicated roleplayers that offers a unique Roleplay world, and a Biannual Tournament

Tags: Roleplay, Community, Mercenary, Tournament, Gaian Mercenary League

The_Master_Wielder Public 8,423 49
Fire Emblem Destinies

Still in the planning stages.

askem2 Public 128 7
Mercenary's Of The Dark

Rp All welcome Combat

Sorrow_the_undead_fox Private 66 20
The Wolves of War

All Wolves, Battle Wolves, We all fight all for one and one for all. We are the Guardians of the Realms. Elite Soldier Wolves.

Tags: Wolf, Roleplay, Elite, Guardian, Animated

Slavin Novaken Public 2 6
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