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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Official RuneScape Guild ~Dhali.Llama~ Private 14,008 704
Indonesian Gaians Community

A guild only for Indonesian! Will be the fastest growing Indonesian Guild in Gaia!

Tags: Indonesia, Best, Jakarta, lampung, Bahasa Indonesia, bahasa,, Indonesian, indonesia, NKRI, marketing, marketplace, barang, murah, KENALAN, pacaran, cari jodoh, bantu,ZOMG

WillyPT Public 716 448

Lists of items for my own personal ocd

Tags: wtff, list, price, guide, how to

Paka Ruri Kaila Public 158 27
The Oasis Market

A haven for those with money in mind, and gold in their heart.

Tags: marketplace, items, saving, expensive, cheap

YourLovelyBear Public 2,714 152
The Wings Convention 90s Booty Fappen Public 5 29
My Secret Corner


Ausaka Private 2,589 2

Renia is a medieval literate to semi-literate roleplay consisting of all creatures that strike your fancy.

Tags: Fantasy, Roleplay, Medieval, Creatures, Castles

Pooping Popcorn Public 250 17
Gaian Family: Something For Everyone

Bringing Gaians Together As A Family

Tags: Family, Artstuff, Roleplaying, Chatterbox, Funstuff

ShadowsFreedom163 Private 1,411 81
15 Minute Auctions are Up!

Join to receive notices when 15 minute auctions are up.

Tags: auction, marketplace, vend, fifteen, minutes

Pwnder Public 2 24
Alpha & Omega :)

This guild is a hangout place to just talk about anything

Tags: Chatterbox, Anime, Marketplace, Alpha & Omega, Events

Angel of Ghoul Public 13 7
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