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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members

A guild which has no point but we welcome everyone with open arms

Tags: Friendly, Silly, Community, Family

Chibi Berry Bunny Public 101 18
Llama Territory

This Guild Is For Llama Lovers Only, And We shall Conquer The World!

Tags: Llamas

YoungLlama Public 36 25
The Kaleidoscopic Llama Society! Verucca Private 85,620 447
The Awakening of the Council

A RP guild looking for members.

Kalliik Lord of Oblivion Private 34 6
Shoujo Mahou Requiem

Think All Shoujo Is Sparkles And Hugs? Think Again!

Tags: Yaoi, Yuri, Literate, Mixed Genre, Anti-Drama Llama

Pink Black Vanilla Public 1,080 39
Pineapple Llamas

a guild for storing roleplays,text formats, and other writings

Tea Candles Private 1,124 4
Llamas & Alpacas

Family/Friends Guild

Tags: Llamas, Alpacas, Wooly, Style, Gaming

MepMike Public 3 11
The Literature Coven

Roleplay group

Tags: Roleplay, Freeform, Serious, Learning, Tutoring

Brezz Public 8 3
Arcane Famiglia!!!

A guild for you and your other family...

Tags: Family, Gaia, Cats, insanity, Llamas

Taelvoun Public 91 12
Llamas in Da hood

Llamas Rule Gaia online

Tags: Llamas, Twaimz, Alpacas, funny, animals

Rinatic Public 2 8
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