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Results for "linguist"

Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Foreign Languages Guild Proudly_Jewish Private 54,726 2,506
The Constructed Languages Guild Eccentric Iconoclast Public 10,687 381
Soul Reaper ~society~

i got two new guinea pigs ^_^

Tags: Action, Anime, Manga, Bleach

Teddy Darkstar Public 44 21
The Polyglot's and Linguist's Guild

A place where people learning languages or studying linguistics can come to discuss and hang out!

Tags: language, linguistics, polyglot, linguist, foreign languages

Tc Frorleivus Almus Ph Public 911 171
Aspie Alley

a place for aspies to hang out and chat

Tags: aspie, LGBT, random chat, aspbergers, daleks

Shilberu Erikku Public 85 24
Drink Up Me Hearties-Yo Ho!

Nautical adventures on the high seas await!

Tags: pirates, roleplay, alternate world, currency based, awesome

Cortlyn1211 Public 50 4
Zhan's Academy for Young Masters

A fantasy school RP taking place during a war.

Tags: School, Fantasy, Role Play, Castle, Civil War

Medrin Cemos Private 4,311 10
Did yuo know?

10000% true facts that you probably didn't know

Tags: facts, random, funny, cool, memes

Yolandahrannadquia Public 65 68
LE-Mint Productions : Gaia Branch

The Gaia Community branch of a small web based production company

Tags: Artist, Writing, Creative, Langauge, Team

EverBlindingLight Private 221 1

A guild dedicated to sharing/discussing No Game No Life conventions, cosplay, and games

Tags: Anime, Manga, World of Game, No game no life, cosplays

xBrave_Phoenix Public 4 4
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