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Arts & Crafts

This guild is for the carfty gaia.

Tags: Drawing, knitting, clay, painting, cosplay

kawaiiluu Private 5,132 215

The cutest rave guild of Gaia

Tags: Cute, Rave, Kandi, Colorful, Friends

Rave Dollie Public 5,013 40
Pirates of the Veritian Sea

A band of pirates have been raiding the Island of Felicity for years now. But when two very different people meet it turns the island around

Tags: Pirates, Love, Forbidden, Thieves, Action

kandybaby45 Public 1,969 17
Kandi Kid's Paradise

A place for ravers and kandi kids to chill out.

Tags: kandi, rave, lightshow, PLUR, PLURR

Tigcat2 Public 413 30
SMACK! [A Gaia Rave Family]

A place for Ravers & Kandi Kids

Tags: Glowsticks, Rave, Family, Kandi, Smack

radical-edwerd Public 3,965 214
music is for everyone ;D

Tags: music, bands, contests, poetry, tektek

ii kandi kid Public 412 38
Find the P.L.U.R.

This is a guild for everyone to find the plur!

Tags: Deejay, Music, Kandi, Ravers, PLUR

DJ Colvin Public 105 67

Nightclub, chat loung, party place, must be age 16 and up

Tags: nightclub, Party, Punk, chat, Role play

Thewildsquidapus Public 145 29
P.L.U.R. believers /Kandi ravers

A fun place for kandi ravers or true believers in plur to meet and talk to people like them selfs.

Tags: kandi, raver, plur, glow sticks, hippy

zeweeda Public 2 7
The Kandi Guild

A place for kandi kids, ravers, plur warriors, and the like.

Tags: kandi, kandi kid, plur, plur warrior, rave

brandenstagram Private 42 13
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