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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Vampire Knight, Cross Academy RP!

This guild is for Vampire Knight lovers and people who love to RP!

Tags: Vampire Kight, Cross Academy, Yuuki, Zero, Kaname

Mistress-Dragon-Reaper Public 295 80
The Yaoi & Shota House (take 2)

user friendly since Aug 17, 2009

Tags: yaoi, shota, house, world, boy love

Meru Kaname Private 1,270 60
Kross Academy

A Vampire Knight Role-Play based in an alternate universe where all members benefit the story

Tags: Vampire Knight, Role-Play, Anime, Manga, Vampire

Ausaka Private 4,911 57
Vocaloid Plaza

Place for Vocaloid fans to rp their hearts out.

Tags: vocaloid, couple, roleplaying

Kitty of the Crimson Mist Public 48 14
Vampire Knight New Beginning

Tags: Cross, Academy, Vampire, Knight, Guild

Yuri Manori Public 247 14
Vampire Knight: The little different story

a guild for everyone who loves rp-ing and VK

Tags: vampire Knight, anime, role play, chat, have fun

-laurel_the_faerie- Public 34 5
Cross Academy: New Beginnings

A Semi-Literate to Advance Literate Vampire Knight Role-Play

Tags: Romance, Vampire Knight, Cross Academy, Vampires, Vampire Hunters

Sakuran H Private 3,187 12
Cross Academy (Vampire Knight Human/Vampire RP)

Open and Accepting! Please join!

Tags: Vampire Knight, Vampire Human, Roleplay, Drama, Cross Academy

King Burken Public 1,291 5
Love of Vampire Knight

For Vampire knight lovers

Tags: Vampire, Knight, Yuki, Zero, Kaname

xXxLost-SoulsxXx Public 8 7
Ketsueki Academy (A Vampire Knight Rp)

A New Threat comes to the used to be Cross Academy looking for 'The Chosen' Will the enemie find it first or will the good guys?

Tags: Vampires, Drama, Romance, Academy Life

-Senka-of-Darkness- Public 3,411 13
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