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~Hopes And Dreams~

This guild is to make everyone happy! Hopes And Dreams will come true!

Tags: dream avi, quest item, contests, areanas, anime, manga, asian, vietnamese, korean, japanese, chinese, filipino, laos, taiwan, role playing, marketplace, zOMG, video games, booty grab, buy, sell

Mr Contagious Public 5,031 1,859


Tags: Be-Friend me , or i will MURDER U! xD, =O ! You're a JERK !, D0m0 !, Cookies. x3, YAY RANDOm INVITE!

Advertisin Public 1,557 616
I Am Proud To Be Asian

If you are proud of being asian or not, you must join this guild!

Tags: ASIANS!!!, Proud, I am not ashame, Pride, Love it

SahPolliee Public 52 27
An Asian Invasion XD

Are You Asian? Its an ASIAN Invasion!!!

Tags: Asian, Non-Asians, Chatting, All over the world, Whatever <333

Cwffee Public 246 280
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