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Results for "j-pop"

Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Loli Dollies' Vanilla Entourage (lolita)

Tags: lolita, gothic, fashion, japan, victorian

Nefarious Vile Private 23,172 987
Sailor Moon Lovers!!!

This is manly a guild for all people that love sailor moon ( no haters)

Tags: Sailor, Moon, Sailor Moon, Love, Gaia

Xx---Lady--Of--Light---Xx Public 38 29
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Fans!

For all fans of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu!

Tags: j pop, kyary, kawaii, music, harajuku

hatabear Public 71 28
Anime Help Guild

Guild for Anime, Manga, Japanese & Korean Drama, recommendations, and discussions and quizzes

Tags: Anime, Japnese drama, Manga, Korean drama, Recommend

nena_sakura Private 1,537 573
AKB48 Fan Base .

AKB48 Fan Club , Other sister group fan is welcome here too .

Tags: AKB48, SKE48, NMB48, HKT48, J-Pop

Kai Oshima Private 4 3
All Music Rock

Most people like korean and japanese music and some don't get to learn other ppl who like the same music as you

Tags: Big Bang, J-pop, asian music, Korean, k-pop

II_Cici_Coco_II Public 80 40
The Asian Music Guild of AWESOMENESS

An awesome guild dedicated to Asian music; Jpop, Kpop & more

Tags: Jpop, Kpop, Music, Asian, Awesome

Hot0riKun967 Private 399 8
°Visual Kei°

A guild for anything Visual Kei or j-rock (Fashion and Music) Any band and their fans are welcome.

Tags: The GazettE, Visual Kei, Music, J rock, X Japan

MalicexMisery Public 297 68
Gaiaonline KIMERU Fanclub

A guild to discuss the J-Pop singer and actor, KIMERU.

Tags: KIMERU, J-pop, Japanese music, Prince of Tennis, Tenimyu

chibichan03 Public 4 1
Kawaii Club

~ A club for anime, manga, J-pop, polls, randomness and lots of fun ! ~

Tags: Anime, Random, Japan, J-pop,k-pop, Polls

II Shia-Chan II Private 2,776 201
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