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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Little Gaia's Italy

Gilda per tutti gli italiani qui su gaia

Tags: italia, italian, italy

Tyron Deepnight Public 6,971 176
Italian Guild - La Gilda Italiana

The Original ITALIAN GUILD from Jul 2004!

Tags: italia, italian, italiano, italiani, gilda italiana

Mipukka Private 81,861 804

An active guild dedicated to anime, roleplaying, and dark-hunters, as well as giving and getting advice and friends.

Tags: Contests, Anime, Advice, Role-Playing, Everything

Acheron I Private 1,631 70
Odin Knights

for the ice

Tags: iced, knights, odin, frozen, italia

Raelan Sideris Public 33 11
European Music

This is a guild about European Music, especially songs in foreign languages.

Tags: European, Music, International, Songs

Etoile Celeste Public 28 3
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