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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
P$YK0+YK R@ND0MN3$$ {a roleplay guild}

tap dancing miget hobos eating waffle sundaes!

Tags: messed up, intellegent, semi-immoral, sadistic, uncensored

Nykromantyk Public 22,442 64
bleach fight for freedom

a rpg of bleach fight to become a higher ranking shinigami become caption,arrancar,quincy,vizard,when you become a high leved arrancar you c

Tags: rpg hang out, bleach, chat zone, fight, soul society

Eclipse Kitsune Public 15,704 41
Bleach: Hollow Reborn

3rd generation Bleach guild.

Tags: Soulreaper, Arrancar, Anime, role-play, Manga

Duelist Shimizu Private 14,551 31
Avatar: Romance of the Four Kingdoms

A Last Air Bender RP

Tags: Naruto, Ninja, Fire, Roleplaying, Literate

Flawed Anubis Public 850 18
Misson Zone

Build a team, and complete the mission!

Tags: Mission, Secret, Intellegence, Action, Literate

Kashikoi Kusabana Public 2 1
North Gaian Prep

Where only the best get in.

Tags: High, school, Prep, rich, intellegence

Shire Baggins Private 5 5
Fire Emblem Universe

Guild For The Fire Emblem Fan Base and Roleplayers!

Tags: Fire Emblem, Intellegent System, Video Games, Roleplaying

Sumaxi Private 15 3
InXaNe High School (Now Open)

A school with a dark rumor and a game full of chaos

Tags: InXane, School, RolePlaying, Chaos, Game

Fang Massacre Public 521 13
A.O.T.D : Shinobi Wars

Years after the events of the previous A.O.T.D. there is now a war arising among the villages.

Tags: shinobi, combat, supernatural, compicated, intellegent

PartyMonk1 Private 151 3
The Death Threat Intercourse Sex Public 42 3
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