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( If u hating bruh GDFO!!!!!)

Tags: iDealer, iSexy, Arizonas, G-Shock, Snapback

Ayeitspoppa Private 4 7
~ Beneath the Surface ~

The guild for the B/C shop.

Tags: mermaid, pets, cute, ocean, iSexy Goddess

The First Mermaid Public 15 3
Wooly WindChimes

The guild for the B/C shop with the same name.

Tags: sheeps, iSexy, Goddess, pets, cute

baabaasheepy Public 3,537 57
Sexy's Petcase

Here's where I'll keep track of all my Fae's info.

Tags: iSexy, breedables, faekats, pets, pretties

iSweet_Kitten Public 123 1
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