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For those that enjoy hypnosis on a personal level.

Tags: hypnosis, erotic, mind control, brain washing, intimate

Kit Kit Caboodle Public 1,079 53

Hypnosis centered hang out for those into that sort of thing.

Tags: Hypnosis, Mind Control, Brainwashing

HypnoAme Public 702 65
Naruto - Evolution

This will be the evolution of naruto. Join us

Tags: Naruto, Akatsuki, Evolution, 9 Tailed fox, Chakra

Rhino_exhalted Public 223 41
Dark Days[Under Con.]

An Alternate universe of our Earth, magic exist among other things.

Templar Steel Private 9 2
Bleach: Order of the Dark Rose

Aizen has been killed by the Dark Rose an unknown Organization.Now the Soul Society is being threatened by this enemy.What will happen next?

Tags: Bleach, Vizard, Espada, Shinigami, Anime

Mizuki Bell Public 226 10
To Aru Choushizen no Chikara

A Certain Roleplay Guild

Tags: Roleplay, Railgun, Index, To aru

Lip-Desu Private 3 3
Lair of svengali

A guild for the exploration, and use of hypnosis

Tags: hypnosis, dirty, svengali, hypno, trance

xxthedudeinchainsxx Private 12 2
Sakura's Special Guild (Bi/Les Girls ONLY!!!)

For any bi or lesbian girl who is interested and if your either and interested in hypnosis as well this is the guild for you

GoddessAngelSakura17 Public 637 46
mistress boot camp


Tags: hypnosis, mistress, friends, chatting, zomg

mistress_shadow_29 Public 65 30
The Hypnotic Army

Drafted or Enlisted: all will serve the Hypnotic Army

Tags: hypnosis, mind control, brainwashing, submission, bdsm

MuleMuleovich Public 4 2
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