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Homestuck. The Guild.

Pardon me while I adjust the narrow fenestrated wall.

Tags: homestuck, mspaintadventures, trolls, hivebent, andrew hussie

MzPickles Public 1,534 444

MSPA/Homestuck Lovers of Gaia.

Tags: homestuck, fans, mspa, fanart, hivebent

Peeptier Public 4,818 993
Homestuck Alliance

All fans of Homestuck and Sburb are welcome!

Tags: Homestuck, Hivebent, Andrew Hussie, Medium, Sburb

Agnores Private 13 2

A roleplay guild for three people.

Tags: MSPA, HouseKept, HomeStuck, HiveBent, Humans

Aurthourr Private 31 3
[S] Reboot Hivebent

"Username: Become a main character."

Tags: Homestuck, Hivebent, Sgrub, Trolls, MSPA

Your Irish Twin Brother Private 118 3
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