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University of Role Play

A Guild made by two role playing nuts where others can role play as well.

Tags: Roleplay, Romance, Adventure, Drama, Violence

cappynom Public 67 11

an anime middle school/high school /university for all race of beings

Tags: anime, love/romance, university/college, high school/middle school, monsters/humans

kaoru 94 sensei Public 18,012 154
☒ The Otaku Society ☑ (Open/Accepting)

A semi-lit to lit guild involving typical, almost cliched, situations of school bullying, broken family life and indifferent school staff.

Tags: Otaku, Humor, School, Real Life, Romance

Suki_Guardian_of_Death Private 592 12
A r t o p i a + [ the artists' utopia ] Queen of Vampires Hearts Private 7,322 15

Darkwood: A literate/semi-lit RPG

Tags: roleplaying, fun rpg, literate rpg

Cosmic Witch Public 6,176 37
Amber Academy

Welcome to Amber Academy.

Tags: School, High school, middle school, grade school, college

Dharc Zero Public 1,346 11
Gaia Academy(a role playing guild)

a gaian role play school

Tags: gaia, academy, role playing, school, student

ProjectZombieFox Public 22 2
Red Moon University

A university for all creatures, whether human or not.

Tags: night, academy, accepted, blood, caius

Silva Wolfang Public 451 15
The World Of Goths and Emos

Role Play Guild Please Join

Tags: The Goths, The Emos, School, World, Town

goddessofmoon-swaya Public 30 11
Asgard Academy [O/A]

An academy roleplaying guild for all kinds of races and roleplayer types

Tags: School, Romance, Vampires, Werewolves, Gods

Kira Hisoka Public 25 1
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