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Results for "high school, college, fantasy"

Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Roxas Can Fly! A LITERATE RP Guild. Roxas Can Fly! Private 10,601 42
Dawn Of New Begginings~

The world begins with you, the story ends with you

Tags: Roleplay, vampire, shifters, highschool, nekos

IxMC Private 377 21
✰Pas†el's R♡le Play Tree H♡use

Welcome to Pastel's, we welcome yaoi, yuri, furry, fandom, origional, master x slave, and more! (Mostly Yaoi)

Tags: yaoi,yuri,romance,master,slave,love, wolf,horse,pony,equine,furry,high school, college,cafe,drama,mystery,bondage, monster,slime,contest,gold,boylove,shota, bara,vampire,werewolf,roleplay,rp

the gothic beauty 2 Private 4,772 65
♔ ▬ B l i s s

(Yaoi RP) Bliss is a beach side city populated by men.

Tags: master,slave,slavery,servitude, high, role-play, romance,yaoi,, university,college,beach,city, fantasy,neko,furry,demon,vampire, werewolf,monster,love,school

Chiiyahime Private 4,793 55
Love: The deadliest of all deadly things

Dystopian Society based on the Delirium books by Lauren Oliver

Tags: Delirium, Amor Deliria Nervosa, Pandemonium, Love, Dystopian

Athena Nightmare Public 629 45
Rave Universe

Welcome to a universe governed by glowsticks and dance music.

Tags: Rave, dubstep, techno, yaoi, yuri, romance, role play, love, party, plur, glow stick, high school, college, fantasy, vampire, werewolf, club, furry

Deathgod of Legend Private 2,795 94
♩♪♫♬ kingdom h e a r t s // f i n a l fantasy // yaoi

This guild is an organization for people who are interested in final fantasy, and kingdom hearts yaoi roleplaying, discussion, and fun.

Tags: kingdom, hearts, final, fantasy, yaoi

Skanktits Public 37 9
Kagayakashii Academy - UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Kagayakashii Academy, called Kagaya Academy by it's pupils, is an elite school for the gifted of all worlds.

Tags: modern fantasy, Academy, High School, College, University

pikachoou Private 24 1
Hunny Bunny's Playground

A place for my friends and I to RP in peace.

Tags: role playing, fantasy, high school/college, medieval

Hunny Bunny Kagome Private 56 6
Legend University

Zelda RPG set at a modern Hylian college

Tags: zelda, hyrule, roleplay, fantasy

DarkJaden825698 Private 36 4
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