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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Metal 0WNZ!-The Official Guild of Rock and Metal

Tags: Metal, Rock, Heavy Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal

0wn4g3pk3r Public 1,079 64
Brutal Children

Anybody who is into Heavy metal or rock or any other genres like that is welcome. There isn't any such thing as too loud of music

Tags: heavy metal/rock, goth, emo, DISTURBED, video games, roleplay

death eater_111 Public 1,021 203
You Don't Know Us But You WILL Hear Us

This is for any one who is trying to form a band, has formed a band, writes lyrics/music, and/or plays an instrument

Tags: Band, Lyrics, Music, Instument, Talent

Izza Ink Public 272 20
SuperPixiUnikornKottunKandiButterflys! guild for heavy metal

this is a guild for extreme rockers and heavy metal fans. i dont like hip-hop so dont talk about it.

Tags: heavy metal, rock music, unicorn, ultra music, pixie

jimmy the juggernaut Public 103 15
Beneath Decay Official Band

Beneath Decay Band heavy metal black metal rock punk death

Tags: Beneath Decay, Heavy metal, Rock, Black Metal, Band

Dragonkidlvlx Public 6 3
Keep Good Music Alive

Guild for Rock, Metal, Rap etc. It must not die!

Tags: Heavy metal, Rock n Roll, music, pop must die, rock must not die

DorkaSaur123 Public 3 9
Metal Central

This guild is for all metal heads! Any metal genre allowed!

Tags: Metal, Rock, Music, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock

Shadow19231 Public 0 1
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