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The Hawaiian Gaians Guild ( Aloha! Pehea 'oe? )

Whether you're looking to learn more about Hawaiian culture or searching to make some local friends, we hope you enjoy your time spent here!

Tags: Hawaii, Aloha, Islands, Pidgin, Pacific

MiaIkumis#1Fan Private 3,101 288
Supernatural Utopia

An island paradise for supernatural beings

Tags: Role Playing, Supernatural, Romance, Fantasy

Lucretia21 Private 295 11
Hawaii's Guild

A place for Hawaiiancat2007 to brainstorm all her stuff xD

Tags: roleplay, pets, custom, plots, plans

Phail Ninja Private 124 1
Red Vs. Blue Roleplay

We RP the everyday life in the training bases and I will select a few people to be freelancers.

Tags: Red Vs. Blue, Roosterteeth, Roleplay, Fighting, Halo

lvan The Russian Public 6,583 47
YTF (Youtube Friends/Yesterday, Today, Forever)

This guild is for all the YTFers out there!

Tags: Kevjumba, Nigahiga, YouTube, D-Trix, Chester See

thelaurenmahone Public 13 14
Crystal Cove *Open*

4 tribes try to live in harmony,how long shall it last?

Tags: Island, Paradise, Tribes, Elements

X-Beautiful Insanity-X Private 940 19
808 Trainers

An RP guild for Pokemon fans in Hawaii

Tags: Pokemon, trainers, hawaii, da kine, mahalo

Ranewen Lomea Private 560 5
Hawaiin Life//Accepting//Open

You live in Hawii.....

Tags: Hawaii, Roleplaying, Ocean, Hiking, Surfing

MyNameIsBrittanyy Public 64 1
Halo/Red vs Blue: New era of Soldiers

((This is not the mainstream RvB, this is about 100 years after that old spartans died that means all original RvB character are dead))

Tags: halo, redvsblue, Roosterteeth, Adventure, Action

Twinblade_Ashy Public 387 4
Left behind: Rebuilding Hawaii

Which survival city will go up in power and politics. Rebuild!

Tags: Survival, Real Time Based, Zombie Apocolypse, Simulative, Realistic Content

Lieutenant Colonel Hans Public 53 6
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