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A Writer's Haven

Fanfictions, poems, short stories, story telling, writing of any kind is welcomed. Get advice from others and give advice to others.

Tags: fanfiction, story, writing, advice, poems

Deluxe asdfasdfasdf Public 31 12
丰Tokio Hotel Fanguild丰

Our mission is to bring Tokio Hotel back to Gaia and keep you up to date with the lastest info.

Tags: Tokio Hotel, Bill Kaulitz, Tom Kaulitz, Georg Listing, Gustav Schäfer

twilight_princess01 Public 114 31

Literate role playing as spooks, cryptids, ghostbusters, and hunters.

Tags: literate, vampires, haunting, ghosts, monsters

In Desolation Public 91 5
~ThE JeRkS~

Jerkin isnt just a dance its a Lyfestyle

Tags: Jerkin, Lifestyle, Dance

J E R K Till It Hurt Public 56 188
----[[SWAGG TEAM]]----

If you got swagg, if you like music, fresh sneackers and cloths, and expressing your self join this guild.

Tags: sexy, swagg, shoes, music, fashion

II MIAMI kid II Public 251 165
desendants of darkness

a guild for rp and fighting or anything u want

Tags: role play, fighting, fantasy

sexy wolf lord Public 11 9
Fred's Club

Flintstoned & Home Grown

Tags: fred, flintstoned

Fred Flintstoned Private 434 61
We Be J3rk!n

Jerkin.....and rejectin xD

Tags: dance, jerking, rejecting

iDunno-x Public 16 35


Tags: swag, money, cars, cribs, bitches

xX7__CJ__7Xx Public 13 11

Chilling Group , Roast nd Help Our People Out

Tags: chillin group, help each other out, roast if they hatin

KiIIin Public 18 6
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