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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Silver Moon Poetry

Poetry is what gets lost in translation ~Robert Frost~

Tags: poetry, writting, lyrics, haiku, poem

LunarHybrid Public 9,610 383
Jewish Gaians Guild JGG-mule Private 47,191 592
Paradise of Hope

Paradise of Hope was founded and continues to be a guild based on friendship and upon a natural setting.

Tags: Friends, Life, Haiku, Poetry, Nature

Guru Drak Private 1,512 1
Faith Black's Multi-purpose Friend Guild

This guild is a hangout for everyone on Gaia. Members are encouraged to talk about just about anything, plus, we have monthly giveaways!

Tags: giveaway, contest, hangout, friend, game

FaithBlack Private 60,294 864
Alternative Roleplay Guild

a guild for roleplays of an odd type~

Tags: Alternative, Comedy

iNOMfood Private 354 2
Haiku Minion

Gaians Need Haiku, 5 7 5 makes it right, time to celebrate!

Tags: haiku, written art, syllables 575, poetry

Werecat Avia Public 6 5
~The Gaia Poets Society~

natural born writers, stories, poems, haikus

Tags: poems, stories, haikus, role playing, writing contests

Gothic Sleepwalker 20 Private 18 17
Protagonist's Place

A simple guild for most forms of writing.

Tags: poetry, writing, stories, poems, haiku

Chaotic Organzation Private 29 5
poetry games

all kind of poetry and poetrygames

Tags: poetry, poets, poems, games

laseipsis Public 5 2
Multiple Role Play Guild

Make your own roleplay--come on in--we don't bite.

Tags: multiple, roleplay, guild, funs, lots

Whanderlust Private 33 4
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