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Victorian Dress and Jet-Black Demons (Black Butler RP guild)

For those of you who love Black Butler and love to RP.....at the same time!

Tags: victorian, black butler, kuroshitsuji, fanguild, roleplay

TrinityThatcher Public 598 83

Simple, pick a character and start rping

Tags: Kuroshitsuji, HARD Yaoi, SebaCiel, Romance, Drama

XEarl_Ciel_PhantomhiveX Public 417 16
Yes My Lord - kuroshitsuji guild

Like kuroshitsuji? come join other fans like yourself or Alois will get angry

Tags: kuroshitsuji, black butler, sebastian, ciel, grell

kuroshitsuji12 Public 567 257

Black Butler

Tags: Black butler, sebastian, demon, Angels, human

School Tests Public 1,462 35
The Phantomhive Estate

A Black Butler Rp Guild

Tags: Black Butler, Anime, Kuroshitsuji, Role Play

Young_Lord_Ciel Public 136 57
Shinigami Academy, A Black Butler Roleplay Guild

The Academy for Reapers, otherwise known as Shinigami.

Tags: Black Butler, Reaper, Shinigami, Academy, RolePlay

inuka-sama Public 18 3
~Hot Manga/Anime men guild!~

Join us if you wish to fan-girl over hot anime men! Fan-girls unite!!

Tags: Hotness, Anime, Discussions, Manga, Fangirls

Mr_Reason Public 29 37
Black Butler group and RP [BB]

Trying to find a group of BB cosplayers

Tags: Black Butler, Kuroshitsuji, Alois, Ciel, Phantomhive

franfroggie Public 6 8
Black Butler RPG

Title says it all.

Tags: black butler, kuroshitsuji, roleplay, rpgs, anime

Desolate_Hallucination Public 2 1
Black butler/Kuroshitsuji RP Moustache Kiku Public 107 15
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