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Dawn of Onimusha Burakku Onimusha Public 9 3
The Underclass Heroes and Heroines of Gaia

A hangout guild with a side theme of Sum41 and other bands that fit in the category of genres from AlternRock to Hard Rock.

Tags: Sum41, Blink 182, AlternRock music, Hard Rock music, Hangout Guild

Storm Full of Sunshine Private 806 63
little scene muffin:]]

hehe. ask to join. anyone is welcome, ya know? :]]

Tags: emos, scene, goth, wierdos, muffins

WishThatIHadNever Public 176 39
The Official Green Day Fan Guild

The Official Green Day fan guild! Wanna talk about GD without being flamed? This is your place!

Tags: Green Day, Tre Cool, Music, Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt

Flaming-Bacon Public 3,367 334

wanna do almost anything then heres the guild 4 u

Tags: artwork, Roleplay, Jobs, Money, Chat

Xxur_lonely_arcangexX Public 29 18
My Green Chemical Day Romance

This guild is for people who love My Chemical Romance or Green Day!!!! Amen!

Tags: My Chemical Romance, Green Day, Frank Iero

XMCRblackparadeX Public 236 50

RP for school. Theres alot of stuff to do :]

Tags: role, play, school, university, anime

epa101 Public 29 2
Greenday Everyday Guild

a guild for green day fans,and people who luv billie joe armstrong!

Tags: billie joe, tre cool, mike dirnt, green day, punk rock

bella no uta Public 11 9
They chocked on their Metal Rock. A metal and rock Fanclub!

Rock and Roll!

Tags: Rock, Metal, GreenDay, Creed, Metallica!

FivestringShredder Public 16 6
GREEN DAY and all te other awesome rock bands

rock band

Tags: greenday, ozzy, linkin park, three days grace, rock music

rysar26 Public 4 5
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