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The Underclass Heroes and Heroines of Gaia

A hangout guild with a side theme of Sum41 and other bands that fit in the category of genres from AlternRock to Hard Rock.

Tags: Sum41, Blink 182, AlternRock music, Hard Rock music, Hangout Guild

Storm Full of Sunshine Private 806 64
My Green Chemical Day Romance

This guild is for people who love My Chemical Romance or Green Day!!!! Amen!

Tags: My Chemical Romance, Green Day, Frank Iero

XMCRblackparadeX Public 236 50
Dawn of Onimusha Burakku Onimusha Public 9 3
little scene muffin:]]

hehe. ask to join. anyone is welcome, ya know? :]]

Tags: emos, scene, goth, wierdos, muffins

WishThatIHadNever Public 176 39
The Official Green Day Fan Guild

The Official Green Day fan guild! Wanna talk about GD without being flamed? This is your place!

Tags: Green Day, Tre Cool, Music, Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt

Flaming-Bacon Public 3,367 335

wanna do almost anything then heres the guild 4 u

Tags: artwork, Roleplay, Jobs, Money, Chat

Xxur_lonely_arcangexX Public 29 18

RP for school. Theres alot of stuff to do :]

Tags: role, play, school, university, anime

epa101 Public 29 2
Greenday Everyday Guild

a guild for green day fans,and people who luv billie joe armstrong!

Tags: billie joe, tre cool, mike dirnt, green day, punk rock

bella no uta Public 11 9
They chocked on their Metal Rock. A metal and rock Fanclub!

Rock and Roll!

Tags: Rock, Metal, GreenDay, Creed, Metallica!

FivestringShredder Public 16 6
GREEN DAY and all te other awesome rock bands

rock band

Tags: greenday, ozzy, linkin park, three days grace, rock music

rysar26 Public 4 5
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